Inspiration knocked on the door…

I am so happy. I got some time to myself, and suddenly I felt motivated to make some paintings! Obviously, I’ve been watching a lot of both the X files and Breaking Bad. Here are the results from my Netflix addiction;

Xfiles Scully and MulderScully and Mulder
I drew their faces, and the rest of the image is painted with watercolours. I am absolutely in love with this 90’s show.
This piece took about 1 hour total.

Walter White from Breaking Bad – a show I never go tired of. This painting is made with watercolours, in A3 format. I made it in 10 minutes.

xfilesX FILES
Another X files inspired painting. This is made with watercolours, A3. Estimated time spent; 15 minutes.

The future may bring more motivation, time, inspiration and lots of colours!


Galleri Nystemten – My very own exhibition!


On Friday the 20th I had my own exhibition at Galleri Nystemten, thanks to Helge Haugland! It was an amazing evening, with classical music by Rune Alver, wonderful speeches, food, wine and flowers. It’s almost hard to believe that it is over already. I am so happy for all the people who came, and for all the kind words I received about my work. Almost 50 people dropped by, and I even sold a piece! Thank you all, it was wonderful, and I hope it won’t be too long until next time!

Here are some photos from the event.

DSC_6690From the left; “Woman”, “Woman and Man”, “Man”.

DSC_6778“Woman and Man”.




DSC_6747The pianist of the evening, Rune Alver.

DSC_6756Gallery owner, Helge Haugland.

DSC_6693From the left; “Hand in Hand with Death”, “Monster”.


DSC_6709The painting I sold, “Water”.

DSC_6718From the left; “Nymph”, “Dryade”.

DSC_6696“Masks”, This painting is owned by my grandparents.





DSC_6698“Naked”. This is my very first painting done with oil paint. Story behind it; This was originally a drawing that I made to my mother’s friend when I was 11 years old. I’m very glad she dropped by to see it, 10 years later. You could say that this is the second version.

DSC_6700“Redrum”. Inspired by both Cezanne (the painter) and Twin Peaks.

Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

Photo; Tim G. Ueland.

Also, you can find the photos on facebook. Click THIS LINK

Business cards!

For my upcoming art exhibition I decided to buy a bunch of business cards! Here is the design, which I made myself;

visit22Like it? After a couple of hours nitpicking, I’d say that I am pretty pleased with the outcome. At the same time I’m also relieved to have finally found the same font as my header image on this blog! Phew.

Further information and invitations will be announced this week! Come, come! 🙂

Digital art


It’s been forever, and I am sorry for that!
But here is some of my recent work, done in Photoshop – after discovering that my tablet was not broken after all!
Thanks for still hangin’ in there with me.
I was inspired to draw this after watching the movie “Leon the professional”.



After loads of hours in front of the computer playing Skyrim, I was inspired to draw my own character as a digital art project.
This is not complete, and probably won’t be for a while, due to my Photoshop trial to expire.. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually invest in having Photoshop in the future. For now, I am only a student, spending my money on food and other necessities. 😉

I chose to upload an image without the hair, only to show her ears.
(Click images for better view).


School and art

Still being a young person fighting my way through school makes little time for fun art! 

I just wanted to make an update announcing that I’ve applied for both art-school and art-history! The answers are yet to see.. Hoping for the best. 

And so I also want to apologize for slow productivity. Creativity + School = no-time-need-sleep. 🙂 
But no worries. Soon summer, new experiences and more time ahead! 


Before I started this blog I’ve been posting my paintings and drawings on a page called Deviantart. This is a very nice place for artists to share and comment on art, and I’ve been sharing my work there since I was about 13, I think. If you’re interested, have a peak at my older work here (Click image to enter page);
Feel free to comment and favorite if you have an account 🙂